Christianity in India*


Whenever I introduced myself as a Catholic priest from India, many Americans asked me questions like: "Do you have many Christians in India?" "Is not India a Hindu country?" "When did Christianity come to India?" "When did you get converted to Catholicism?" "Are your parents Catholics?" Some were surprised to hear the fact that India is not a Hindu country but the largest secular democratic country in the world with religious freedom, and that there are many Muslims and Christians in India. Some were spellbound when I said, in teasing, that Christianity came to India long before America was found out, and even before many European countries became Christian. Many people in the West are misinformed that Christianity in India is a European contribution. However, in fact, Christianity in India is as old as Christianity itself, and it was brought to India by a disciple of Christ himself. The people who know about the early Church in India have other questions: "How can the apostle Thomas come to India when there were not much transportation facilities?" "Was this Church Catholic?" Well, this web site is to help you with some information concerning the origin and development of Christianity in India.


Apostle Thomas in India

Kerala (Malabar)

Early Christians of India

Catholicism of the Thomas Christians

Ecumenical Councils

Nestorianism and Monophysitism

European Missionaries and the Latin Church in India

Western Influence on Thomas Christians

Orthodox Churches in India

Mar Thoma Church

Protestant Churches in India

Syro-Malabar Church

Syro-Malabar Liturgy (A Book Review)

Syro-Malankara Church

Knanaya Christians

Christianity in India Today

Eastern Churches

23 Autonomous Catholic Churches in the World

Churches Sui Juris

*[This work is based on the study I have made on the works of eminent historians (Catholics and non-Catholics) like Placid J. Podipara, A. Mathias Mundadan, L.W. Brown, S. Neill, Eugene Tisserant, A.E. Medlycott, George Menacherry, Xavier Koodapuzha and J. Thekkedath. Works of Joseph Koikakudy, K.L. Bernard, Andrews Thazhath, Francis Kanichikattil, Kurian Vanchipurackal, George Nedungatt, A. Pushparajan, A.K. Thomas, M.V. George, P. Cheriayan, J. Massey, Joseph Kottukappally, T.P. Abraham and several others are also made use of for this work.]